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Our Story

Before we tell you our story, let us show you some stats.

According to a study, 95% of Engineers in India are unfit for software development jobs (source: BusinessLine)

and what's more interesting?

India will be the country with the largest software developer population in 2024. (source: findly)

There are tons of job vacancies out there, but students don't have the required knowledge or skills to fulfill them. And that's why, even after doing graduation, they don't have a job. Then they look on for other options or struggle with it.

And that's where we come into the picture!

"We are on a mission to transform this and make India famous worldwide, not only for its workforce but also for its quality of Engineers."

With the same intention, we started Upskill Valley which is an online learning platform where students can upskill themselves through Live classes and get their dream placement. We not only focus on getting internship/placement but rather, we FOCUS on your ALL-ROUND Development. Along with this, we also provide complete placement assistance such as mock interviews, referrals, regular hackathons, guest sessions from industry experts, and many more.

We believe that: "with the right guidance, every student can write quality code & achieve a job in his dream company"

Our instructors work in top product-based companies (e.g. Microsoft) and take out time from their daily hectic schedule to take LIVE classes with students. This way, the student can ask doubts during class and grasp the concepts much more easily.

But why LIVE classes? 
Well, do you know that out of all the students who watch recorded online courses/videos, only 13% actually completes them. Most of the time, students do not find the motivation and keep on procrastinating. That's why we take LIVE classes so that you can actually progress in a definite time. 

But what if you miss any lecture?

Well, no need to worry! We also record each session that is available to you for a Lifetime. so you can watch it anytime in the future:P

Our goal is simple: Upskill every student in the most in-demand skills at the best affordable cost.

Meet Our Instructors

Enjoy the best guidance from the people working in the industry itself.

Anmol Sahu

Anmol has done his graduation from NIT Warangal in Computer Science and Engineering. He did his internship at Microsoft and is working as a Software Engineer at an American multinational company, Citrix. 

He has diverse experience of working as a placement coordinator while in college & guiding 1000+ students to crack their dream job. 

Being an interviewer himself, he takes tech interviews of people from all around the world. He is enthusiastic to teach you all and will guide you in both technical and behavioral domains.

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Aviral Gupta

Aviral has interned and now working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. Having graduated from NIT Warangal, he has been programming intensely since his first year. 

He has also represented at various coding competitions like ICPC and inter-state competitions. He started a mentorship program and has been mentoring people for job preparation for a long time.

Being a 5-star coder at CodeChef and expert coder at CodeForces, he is surely here to guide you as your mentor.

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Sudhanshu Oberai

Sudhanshu is a graduate of National Institute of Technology Warangal and currently works as a Design Engineer in American Semiconductor Giant Qualcomm (Snapdragon Processors). 

He was also the placement coordinator of NIT Warangal and has immense knowledge of the placement process at top product-based companies.

He loves to code both as a hobby and professionally.He eagerly waits to welcome you all and share his knowledge of coding and his in-depth understanding of interview processes.

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