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Apex Placement Course

In Apex Placement course, we offer a complete package for all your interview prepration need for internship or placements.


We teach Coding from the most basic level (yes! we assume that you don't know anything) and then gradually move on to advanced topics like Data Structures and Algorithms (the most important topic for job interviews). We also solve tons of problems that are usually asked in Interviews of various companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, etc. This will give you hands-on experience and will make you more familiar with the concepts.


During this course, we also guide them to create 2 Projects that makes their resume stand out from other people. We also cover very important and fundamental topics which are usually asked in interviews such as Aptitude, Object-Oriented Programming, Operating systems, Database Management Systems & Computer Networks.


With our curated content, you don't need to juggle between different resources. We have done all the hard work for you. Our instructors are working in top product companies (like Microsoft & Google) & are very friendly. We believe in providing complete assistance for placements, so along with these, there will be mock interviews, quizzes, interview experiences, 1:1 calls, resume-making sessions & many more things. 


In conclusion, we recommend you this course if you are aiming for an awesome software internship or a placement:P

Data Structures & Algorithms

Database Management Systems

Object - oriented Programming


Operating Systems &

Computer Networks

2 projects 

  • On database

  • On web-dev

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